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SHOWREEL - 2023 Rudy Mercado

Scenic artist Rudy on the set of Guillermo Del Toro's Thriller Pan's Labyrinth. Madrid, Spain

Warrior Nun Netflix - Rudy Mercado Set Painter

On the set of Warrior Nun in Antequera, Andalusia Spain

Rudy on the set of Juan Antonio Bayona's The Impossible in Alicante, Spain

The impossible Rudy Mercado
Goya in Bordeaux

Rudy was fine art painter, double for inserts of ''young Goya'' as well as being art consultant. Madrid, Spain

Rudy Mercado - Acting stand-in as the young Goya painting. Rudy recreated the works of Goya for this film, Goya In Bordeaux by Carlos Saura.

Rudy Mercado in Morocco on the set of Ridley Scott's epic film Kingdom of Heaven