La Noche Triste

" La Noche Triste 1 de Julio 1520 "

«La Noche Triste», is a historical documentary which Rudy Mercado created for TVE in Spain (Televisión Española). The physical installation was created over a period of several months and is referred to as a living diorama. 

This particular diorama depicts a battle which was the only Aztec victory over the Spanish during the Spanish conquest of Mexico.


photos: Alvaro Lopez

» La Noche Triste 1 de Julio 1520 «

«La Noche Triste», portrays the fateful night when Cortez and his Indian allies, the Tlaxcaltecas, try to evacuate Tenochtitlan with prisoners and gold. The Aztecs attack from the water, and although they achieve a crushing victory, Cortez and his allies manage to escape which allows them the opportunity to reorganize and retake the Aztec capital.
The installation was presented to the public in 4 stages over a period of weeks and showed the progress of the battle.
Rudy has been involved in creating historic dioramas since he was a child. This art form was taught to him by his father. «La Noche Triste» is dedicated to Rudy’s father and mentor, who died in 1998.
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